Let us show you how easy it is to streamline your carpet cleaning needs without breaking your budget.

Why EverReady


EverReady is uniquely set up and geared toward servicing our customers’ needs like no one else. We can deliver the highest value for our customers by being great at the three most important things our customers need when they use us:
Savings, Service, and Speed.


Our up-front pricing for our 24/7 water restoration services is lower than the industry standard pricing and our pricing for carpet cleaning vs you having to replace the carpet due to damages that happen over the lease is where we can save your bottom line the most money consistently. Our goal is to deliver a straightforward pricing structure to our multi-family and commercial customers that will time and time again be their best value. We provide free estimates and believe it is worth our time and your time to walk the job you want done and see what the best deal is for you…the extra time will save you money and help every- one be on the same page.

Customer Service:

Our customers love us and are like family to us. We are in the service business and none of our income is backed by a contract; therefore, our customers call us and use us because they want too — not because they have too. Our longtime customers also understand that we are not perfect, but they know we will always be upfront and honest and when we mess up we own it and make it right. Everyone at EverReady is thankful for our customers and our relationships and that thankfulness is shown thru our continual growth and long-term relationships.


Our speed and response time is second to none when an emergency hits. Getting to the emergency job fast and with the proper manpower and equipment is critical. When we say speed we mean our technicians showing up (not just a Project Manager), walking you through the process, and then getting everything done and getting out of your space as soon as possible. Also, when it comes to carpet cleaning for our multi-family and commercial clients, they love the fact that they can call for same day service in an emergency situation or schedule next day year round. We understand our customers’ world and have built our business around them and their needs and speed is very important to us.


We truly believe that our business provides our customers the highest level of value when it comes to the services we provide, and WE CAN SAVE YOU MONEY! We would like to introduce ourselves and go more in-depth on our total value when it comes to SPEED, SERVICE, AND SAVINGS. Our goal is to establish a long term “win-win” relationship and we truly believe it is worth your time to talk with us and put a face with a name. Please call us!

What Our Clients Say

EverReady Services joined the St. Louis Apartment Association in 2012. For the past 8 years, they’ve been involved and supportive of our association and the multifamily industry. A long-term, dedicated supplier partner like EverReady is a perfect example of what our association stands for; expand your opportunities, invest in your future.

Karen Shymanski, Association Executive, St. Louis Apartment Association

Our experience with EverReady Services is consistently at a 5-star level and that is why we nominated them for Vendor of the Year in 2018 and they continue to be fantastic to work with year after year.

EverReady has a great combination of talent within their office team and technicians. Everyone on staff knows the business of cleaning carpets and are very knowledgeable. Scheduling visits is easy. Each of their technicians are personally introduced to site managers prior to working on the property. They are also trained for 6 months prior to going solo, which instills so much confidence knowing that we will get the same great results regardless which technician comes out to do the work.

When faced with challenges on a site-level, whether it’s a water extraction or major renovation tear-out, EverReady is always there to assist. Not only do they know what to do, they know what not to do. Saving property owners from incurring unnecessary expenses. I’m also saying that they won’t take a cleaning job if they know the carpet isn’t salvageable. I trust them because they have proven year after year that they do what’s best for the customer, not themselves.

And most recently, in this scary time of Covid_19, EverReady continues to be there for our needs. We truly appreciate their consistency and professionalism! Thank you EverReady!

Kim Altmansberger, Property Manager

I have been a customer of EverReady for more than 10 years. They always go above and beyond to deliver an amazing product. Their employees always have a smile on their face and are willing to go above and beyond to make the customer happy. I work with a lot of different service companies on a daily basis and EverReady by far is the best company to deal with. I can promise you that you will not be disappointed with their service!

Maggie Sequeira, Property Manager

I have been working with EverReady for over 7 years. Both at my current property and a previous property. They have never failed to impress. They are honest and accurate with their evaluations and quotes, and I have never felt like they try to “nickel and dime” us. Every staff member is courteous and friendly, and genuinely happy to be here. We have never been made to feel like we are putting them out, even when we have added something last minute.

We are very satisfied with both the quality of their work and their awesome service!

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a carpet cleaning company.

Cindy Sykes, Property Manager Suson Pines Apartments